JB Owen is an Innovative Megapreneur who is passionate about inspiring other women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves. She is the visionary behind the global movement of Be Your Quintessence, bringing outstanding women together for life-changing breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Her dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm are compelling both on stage and in print.


She is a national speaker and published author, as well as a risk-taking and revolutionary entrepreneur. She has been building businesses since a young age, obtaining a degree in Fashion Design and Textile Science, and creating multiple businesses with product sold in seven different countries. A leader in her field, taking an innovative start up company to seven figures in sales within four years.


Her current passion is to inspire women to elevate and empower themselves to become their best version of themselves. She has created Lotuste, a movement designed to inspire women to honor and respect one another by supporting each other in their development and unfoldment as women. Her latest revolutionary product is Lotus Liners, a fashionable collection of the most stylish and washable feminine product on the planet. Lotus Liners are designed to improve health, reduce waste, save funds, respect our planet, and honor the beauty of the natural female monthly cycle. She has a vision and dream that Lotus Liners will be available in schools and gifted to each young girl at the arrival of her ‘blossoming’.


She constantly pushes the boundaries of her own path as an entrepreneur in hopes that she will challenge and inspire other women to do the same. She is moved by the opportunity to assist other women to break through their limiting beliefs and experience instead their own business prowess and triumphs. She does this from the stage, in her writing, and in private consultation upon request.  


  • Success is the success you make. No one will create success for have to go after it yourself.

  • To be successful, to achieve, to accomplish, you have to be willing to do what it takes and not take "no" for an answer.

  • Happiness is a great currency than money. It trumps dollars, fame and glory. Happiness is the true wealth.

  • Your happiness is only defined by you. No one can create your happiness, nor can they determine it. 

  • Wealth is an inside job. It isn't something measured in numbers, it is all about your personal contribution.

  • When we give we get. When we share we receive, When we offer more of ourselves, we get more of that in return.

  • I am who I am and that is all I need to be.

  • To feel my very best is when I am being myself, sharing my talents and expressing my honest truth. To feel like I matter, I make myself matter and show others just how to treat me.

  • There is no failure, only lessons to be learned. Everything that has happened so far, brings me closer to my dream.

  • I give it my all because in doing so I show myself, those around me and the Universe exactly how committed I am to my aspirations. 

  • I surround myself with people who support me, encourage me and value my dream. I make space for them only.

  • I am being and treating others exactly as I wish to be treated myself and I honour my word, for that deeply matters.


 "Anything you dream of you can achieve, all you have to do it dream it first" 

JB Owen 

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