Bmy  journey of 

Personal Journal

This amazing Journal has been created in the spirit of a tribe, dedicated to the spiritual growth and personal empowerment of everyone on the planet. It is fused with love and enriched with gratitude. It is the true voice, the inner voice and the collective voice in all of us. 

inspirational cards 

Be You

Meditation Deck

These cards are designed to support you, in being you.

Perfect for the individual, the visionary, the dreamers, the humanitarian, the parent, friend, and lover in all of us. They speak from the heart and motivate the soul. They are your messages, your guide and the exact words you need to hear. 


No matter the circumstances, these cards connect with the inner you, the part of you that loves to be you.

Many of us have been writing in our journals for years. We often use it as a source of comfort as we share, unburden and even vent about the happenings in our day. Few people use their journals to propel them forward. Instead, they fill the pages with a recap or overview of their daily events. In most journals, a person will share how they FELT, what HAPPENED, and how they REACTED.


This journal is designed differently. Each page is created as a tool to INSPIRE you. Each section is made so you could use it as a way to EMPOWER your thinking. The entire book is set to MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE new results. It is about setting the intuition on how we choose to FEEL, choose to ACT, and ultimately, choose to ENJOY our day.ll 

Black Leather Cover

Large size- 6.69 x 9.44"

Pencil Included

380 Inner pages

Individually Designed pages

Personalized Quotes

Creative Imagery

Self Exploration pages

Goal Setting pages

Cover to Cover Inspiration

My Journey of Awesomeness Journal

One copy - $40.00USD

( shipping included)

BE YOU Inspirational Cards

One box - $18.00usd

44 Cards

Empowering Action words

Inspirational Sayings

Designer Box

Satin Finish

Rounded Corners

Be You

gratitude journal 

Daily exploration

Embossed Leather Cover

240 Pages

Black Elastic Closure

Black Satin Ribbon

Blanket Stitching

Inspirational Sayings

Creative Imagery

BE YOU Gratitute Journal

One Book - $16.00usd

 "Anything you dream of you can achieve, all you have to do it dream it first" 

JB Owen 

JB Owen |

Classic Leather Cover

This sleek and luxurious design with leather cover, embossed logo and clasp closure is perfect for everyone. Additional pen or pencil slot. 380 pages of inner work and blank pages for you to record on.