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 JBO GLOBAL is a company dedicated to bringing your products and ideas into the marketplace. If you have an idea for an item and would like to manufacture, we will walk you through all the steps required to create that product and bring it to market; while making a profit. 


Manufacturing overseas is a complicated and difficult business that we make easy and enjoyable. We have worked throughout Asian, in China, Hong Kong and Singapore to build relationships that are trusted, so we receive products that meet North American and first world standards. We cultivate a good working relationship with our factories so that we can use our experience to find the company that will produce the best possible product for you. 


We stand side by side with each client, working one-on-one from concept to completion. We help you build your business and plan profits from products purchased at overseas prices and sold at competitive retails markets around the world. This is a process with a lucrative result and we make sure we help you get there.  








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 "Anything you dream of you can achieve, all you have to do it dream it first" 

JB Owen 

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