vi·sion·ar·ya person with original ideas about what the future could or will be.

mo·tive·va·tor: to give incentive to, create change and movement.

de·sign·er: a person who plans the look, of something before its being made. 


moth·er: a woman in relation to children to whom she has given birth.


yo·gini: a woman dedicated to the pursuit of enlightenment.

JB Owen

An Inspiring Visionary

An Exceptional Lifestyle Designer




Get inspired to go after the very thing you want. Find your talents, your gifts and create your dream. Think bigger than ever before.

Define the steps needed to reach your goal. Map out strategies that will get you exactly what you want effectively and quickly.

Be bold, be gracious, be yourself. Share, inspire and uplift others your own way to your joy and the joy of others.

National Speaker 

speak·er: a person who speaks formally before an audience.

Dynamic Motivator

Outgoing Entrepreneur

en·tre·pre·neur: operates a business, taking on greater than normal risks.

Published Author 

au·thor: the composer of a literary work.


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The Business of being a Woman

Never before have women been called to be and do so many things. Today’s woman are asked to be a Mother, Wife, Friend, Business Owner, Bread Winner, Humanitarian, Role Model, Spiritual Guru, Great Lover and even have that perfect body. We accept much of this, wanting it ourselves, seeking happiness, wealth, prosperity, long life, great relationship, connection with our kids and making an impact on our planet. Being a woman today is a business in itself, own companies, our careers, those after school activities, charity event, volunteering and looking for personal growth. It is managing a unique set of demands with the grace and feminine refinement that each woman has.


Embarking on this new terrain, (never before in history expected of women), we face the hardships of navigating the landscape. As we search for role models, or other women who have accomplished this task, we notice that it is so new, we are the pioneers.


It is said that, “we cannot solve the problems of today with the mind we have today”, so it is through learning, growing, creating and preserving a new way, that we find OUR way. My business is about inspiring women to achieve goals they did not even know were possible and to elevate them to that next great place in their life where they can have it all, can enjoy it all and be it all.

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JB Owen

JB Owen is an Innovative Megapreneur and Lifestyle Designer who is passionate about inspiring other women to believe in their dreams and become the fullest expression of themselves. She is the visionary behind the global movement of Be Your Quintessence, bringing outstanding women together for life-changing breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Her dynamic personality and contagious enthusiasm are compelling both on stage and in print. 



If you are ready for that next big step and aspire for more success in your life...


Call JB TOLL FREE at 1-877-377-6115 or direct at 250-864-3740

or fill out the contact form & JB will help get you there.


Throughout our lives we come to points where change is eminent, either we are ready for it, or life makes us ready. Both processes create opportunity for something greater to manifest, ultimately bringing us closer to the core of who we are. Many times, we are ready, but feel overwhelmed, nervous and unsure of the “right” next step. Other times, we are energized, enthusiastic and motivated, but need guidance to define what the “right” next step is.


JB will systematically guide you through this process. Her laser-like practice and definitive breakthrough leadership brings you closer, gets you clearer and makes you more confident about your “healthiest and happiest” best steps. Her skills are about action and results. She helps you drill down the blocks, overcome the obstacles and map-out the success you want in both your business and personal life, so you can continually sustain high levels of accomplishment and personal fulfillment.


She works with motivated and determined individuals. She only does private consolation for those who are already succeeding in many areas of their lives and yet desire a broader more balanced diversity of success. She works with you when nothing will stop you from obtaining your idea, vision and purpose; and uses her experienced skill-sets and entrepreneurial expertise to guide you along the way.

 "Anything you dream of you can achieve, all you have to do it dream it first" 

JB Owen 

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