JB is an inspiring and prolific public speaker. She addresses the issue of, “women in business”, “the business of being a woman”, “blossoming in your womanhood” and “what is the currency of success for women”. She candidly speaks to the heart of all women, joyously referencing the gift, gains and strains on a woman in today’s modern world.

Public Speaking
Motivational Events

Hailed as a visionary in her field, JB has created high-end, luxury events designed to motivate, inspire and connect other amazing women in their field. Be Your Quintessence events bring together leading women for a glorious multi day event of transformation, motivation and sensation, allowing each person to breakthrough and achieve the next level of accomplishment and bliss in their lives.

Doing something outside the box has always been a part of JB’s accomplishments. She has the gift of seeing no limits and not holding back despite conformity. Her experience in manufacturing, production, designing, importation, publication, and fabrication help her, help you get your projects made, materialized and in your hand consumer ready. If you have a dream, idea or inclination of something new, needing to come to market, her skills can help you produce it.

JB utilizes her skills to conduct one-on-one intensives with individuals looking to achieve their next important goals. She uncovers the true aspirations and connects with the unique talents and skills of each person. Her perceptive business sense along with her personal self growth and healthy-living mandate, help driven female entrepreneurs obtain peace, calm and direction in maintaining a successful life and enjoyable future.

Product Development
One-on-one Consulations

 "Anything you dream of you can achieve, all you have to do it dream it first" 

JB Owen 

JB Owen | jbo@telus.net